Curiously Donna features writings about a life of creativity led by curiosity.

I’m a forensic crime scene examiner by day, a vocalist, musician and song-writer by night, and an author, thinker and writer the rest of the time.

This isn’t a boast – I’m a jack-of-all-trades and master of none!

But when I’m introduced to someone new and they ask, ‘So what is it you do?’,  I just don’t want to define myself solely in terms of how I pay the bills.

Being contentedly curious is about being open to new ideas, capturing nuggets of inspiration, fearlessly following your curiosity and enjoying the contentment and satisfaction that comes from making a life, not just a living.

I love these insightful quotes:


“I love being a new onlooker, a convert. To become a fan of something, to open and change, is a move of deliberate optimism, curiosity, and enthusiasm.”

Carrie Brownstein: Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl


“A creatively lived life is when you consistently follow your curiosity instead of your fear.”

Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic


“For me, curiosity is life. If you are not curious, you are in your coffin.”

Pierre Boulez, Composer & Musical Revolutionary