Resonation – The Gathering Storm

My rock band Resonation was born in January 2016. Our four-piece outfit creates a gritty, quirky sound reminiscent of Queen and The Beautiful South (so we’re told!).

After a whirlwind fifteen months of song-writing and studio recording, as well as a Kickstarter campaign, photo-shoot and designing the album cover (oh, and re-checking everything a hundred times) we hosted the official launch party for our debut album, The Gathering Storm.

We performed the entire album live to our nearest and dearest, and even sold some signed CDs, posters, lyric sheets and badges! After seven years of playing other people’s music, it was an incredible feeling to put our authentic selves front and centre stage for the first time.

Since then we’ve been promoting the album in an attempt to build our following. We had high hopes for our Brexit parody Adieu being picked up by national radio, but nobody has bitten (yet). Our guitarist has connections in the music industry but none of the initially promising leads have materialised (yet).

I was in the audience at a recent battle of the bands event and was once again reminded that Resonation is just one tiny drop in an ocean of great bands. Getting noticed requires a great product and relentless promotion  – a tricky feat for those who are not only time-starved, but also unaccustomed to blowing one’s own trumpet.

Our bass player has now mentioned that he’s starting to feel disillusioned…

But despite all this we’re already talking about a second album. Why? I hear you ask, confused.

Why? Because the exquisite satisfaction of the creative process is worth the pain and commitment!

Why? Because the thrill of seeing your creation turned into an actual product justifies all the stress and cost!

Why? Because even if nobody else cares, we felt the magic.

Alexandra Franzen articulates this better than anyone else in her post ‘What if you didn’t give up?’ 

“You can quit right now […]Never play a note again. Fuck it.

Or you can decide that […]the longing to create, to write, to make a difference in the unique way that you feel called to do it — is worth just a little more patience.

You can give up. Or you can decide that your story is not over yet.”

Resonation will keep moving forwards and we’d love for you to join us on our journey! Here are all the deets you need:

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The Gathering Storm is available now on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.

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