Mother, Delirious Book Cover

Donna is the author of psychological thriller, Mother, Delirious, available now in e-book and paperback from Amazon.

Mother, Delirious is the story of Gareth, an ambitious police-officer, who becomes unpredictable and volatile after the traumatic death of his father. On his wedding day he attacks his bride Tina. Desperate to cover up his madness and violent behaviour, his mother Helen, a power-crazed psychiatrist, plots a conspiracy against Tina to protect Gareth’s career. But paranoid and delusional, Gareth believes his wife has been kidnapped. Out of control, he leads a wild manhunt that ends in tragedy. Will Helen manage to cover up Gareth’s shocking deeds – and stop the unravelling of lifelong secrets she’s been so anxious to hide?

What readers are saying about Mother, Delirious:

“A very intriguing look into the minds of the mentally ill and how they are viewed and cared for. Well-written, it kept me on the edge of my seat to the end.”

“Made me think about some of the rules I have never questioned.”

“The story has tons of complex connections that kept me turning the pages”


Fellow Scot RG Manse, author of the darkly fun Frank Friendship series, has reviewed Mother, Delirious here.

Mother, Delirious is available on Amazon UK, Amazon US and other Amazon stores.


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